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ITALTUBETTI began its activity in Nembro (Bergamo) in 1963, moving from Milan where it had been in operation for some years.

Italtubetti core business has been textile accessories for spun yarns (paper cones and tubes) supplying the Italian market and the International Textiles Industry while the company maintained a solid presence in other sectors such as Paper Industry, Food, Electrical and Pyrotechnical Sectors.

To increase the offering to its clients, over the years Italtubetti has constantly and successfully invested in plastic textile accessories (PP, ABS, Nylon)

In 2002 Italtubetti became part of the Corporate Conitex Sonoco – the worldwide leader of paper carriers.

Thanks to the boost given by the CONITEX-SONOCO Group, ITALTUBETTI further expands its business with new packaging articles such as big bags, homologated for the agricultural sector, chemical, mining, plastic etc. and canisters, cylindrical cardboard containers for the food industry, pharmaceutical, phytosanitary, soluble, etc.

ITALTUBETTI managed to combine its experience and professionalism together with the productive capacity and organisation of the CONITEX-SONOCO Group. Its professionalism is well recognized while Italtubetti customers enjoy quality, consistency, technical solutions and competitive offers.

A warehouse available for loyalty clients allows us to deliver our products within 24 hours. Standard stock material, always available for every need.

From 1 January 2023 Italtubetti becomes a division of Sonoco Alcore Demolli Industria Cartaria S.r.l. based in Tavernerio (CO), further expanding its development possibilities supported by a solid organizational structure.

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Packaging solutions and textile accessories, cardboard cylindrical packaging, Big Bags, cardboard corner protections