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Big Bags (FIBC)

A big bag or FIBC (Flexible Intermediary  Bulk Container)  is a flexible container  suitable for handling, storing and transporting various products such as plastic granules or flakes, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, agricultural products, food stuff, etc. The handling takes place either on pallet or by coupling the loops of the Big Bags to hoists, cranes or forklift’s forks.

  • A variety of bag formations to accommodate customers’ needs.
  • A variety of filling and discharging options to accommodate loading and discharging stations.
  • Their cubic capacity could exceed 3 m³while their loading capacity is up to 2.000 kg of material.
big bag upanel hbig bag upanel B ENG


big bag antispanciamento hbig bag antispanciamento B ENG


big bag circolare hbig bag circolare B ENG


big bag antistatico hbig bag antistatico B ENG


big bag omologato hbig bag omologato B ENG


big bag clover hbig bag clover B ENG


Woven sacks

The woven polypropylene sacks combine the benefits of a resistant and light packaging. They represent an optimal packaging solution for multiple products such as rice, seeds, corn, animal feed. Woven sacks are ideal for manual and automatized repacking, and sacks may be realised in a wide combination of dimension based on client’s needs.

big bags per mangimi woven 01
big bags per cibo animali woven 02
big bags per mangimi woven 03
big bags per mangimi woven 04
big bags per mangimi woven 05
Block bottom sacks

They are a packaging solution ideal for the construction, mining and livestock industry. Block bottom sacks represent an effective and efficient alternative to the traditional paper sack. They ensure robustness and flexibility, resistance to high stress, falls, pressure and rain. Block Bottom Sacks are polypropylene packaging, which leave them unaffected from humidity, as opposed to paper. Depending on application needs, they may be realised with micro perforation textile which enables the due permeability of air.

big bags per cemento block bottom 01
big bags per cemento block bottom 02
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