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Cardboard cans

We produce cardboard cans for food, olive oil, wine, spirits and various food and non-food packaging usages. We accompany the client during the design and development of the package step by step to create a product that can stand out in the market. We offer versatility in respect of the finish, closing systems and production volumes. Our products are addressed to several industries such as pharmaceutical, food, dietetic, cocoa and soluble, phytosanitary, stationery, perfumes, cosmetics, marketing and generally any kind of solid or powder product.

Carboard canisters

The quality of our paper and the variety of the labels’ finishing trims we offer allows us to collaborate with the most prestigious European brands. We offer our clients multiple colour options, printing, relief or sensory technologies. The closing systems could be customised, with polychromies, reliefs, bar codes or recycling lithographs. These products are addressed to bottle industry, cosmetics, gadgets…


Building on the efficiency and handiness of aluminium cans with taps, we have added the beauty and the protection of a Canister, obtaining a modern and efficient container. Moreover we can offer our patented closing system that will allow to use this product with no need to invest in machinery. The Banister is the perfect packaging for both the professional and consumer markets.

Packaging solutions and textile accessories, cardboard cylindrical packaging, Big Bags, cardboard corner protections