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Conitex Sonoco is the worldwide largest manufacturer of cones and tubes. Thanks to production plants in 8 countries, we deliver our products in over 50 countries. Our quality standards, customer service and continued innovation made us the leading brand in the textile industry.

We basically have all kinds of conic shapes and quality finishing, flocked conic carriers included. Our products represent the world standard for the formation and unravelling of spun yarns, featuring innovation and adaptation to automatic winding machineries of new design and ever-increasing efficiency.

We guarantee precision with the tolerances, perfect roundness of the diameters thanks to a proper drying process, cones customisation and multiple creative possibilities to model the yarns thanks to a wide selection of symbols and hydro-soluble colours.

We also have an extended selection of cones and tubes for dyeing and winding for plastic, glass fibre and nylon fibre. We provide flyer tubes and ring spinning tubes for machineries such as Zinser, Toyoda, Marzolil etc.

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coni tessili
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