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Top/Filling: may be completely open, with top skirt and with spout

Bottom/Discharge: may be closed, with spout, completely open

Loops: corner sewed, cross corner, sleeve, any colour

Application: ideal if you need to dispose of hazardous material such as the rehabilitation of asbestos contaminated sites or ash from waste-to-energy plants. The material used for these Big Bags does fully meet the European directives: it is UN homologated for the transport of hazardous material on road, railways and by sea.


  • TEXTILE: Our Big Bags are realised with 100% virgin polypropylene, completely recyclable and UV ray stabilised (6 months minimum)
  • TEXTILE TYPE: In order to better adapt to every specific need, the textile may be, other than Normal, also Laminated/Coated (on one or both sides)
  • LINER: The application of an inner liner in PE/HDPE allows to protect the bagged material from external agents and/or avoid leakages
  • SHAPE: U-Panel, 4 Panels, Circular
  • SAFE WORKING LOAD: From 500 to 2.000 Kg.
  • SAFETY FACTOR: From 3:1 to 6:1
  • SEAMS: Seams as well as the pairing of panels are done so to optimise every kind of need and guarantee the best possible resistance depending on the nominal load and also avoid leakages. In case the bagged material is powder, special dust-proof seams (double or triple) avoid leakages
  • LOOPS: in PP or PPMF (Multifilament), with 4 attachment points, Cross Corner, etc
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Our products, in addition to have passed our rigorous internal tests with respect to the working load and the relative safety factor, have to go through the certification tests under the European standards, according to rule UNI EN ISO 21898
  • FOOD GRADE: As they are built with virgin materials, there are special productive certifications that make them suitable to store food
  • CUSTOMISATION: The diversity and variety of features and shapes make them particularly suitable for a customisation based on the specific needs of every final user
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